Bronte Beach
  1. Wrangling Transpractical Generative Confluence
  2. The Future of Work: Interviews with players
  3. From FOMO to Funktionslust
  4. Applying the six foundational concepts of futures studies
  5. Dandy, hipster, metrosexual, cosplayer & tech bro: talking to myself about design history
  6. Is competition good?
  7. What are some cognitive biases to be aware of?
  8. Beach Eco-comber - Design Thinking in Product Design
  9. The price of time
  10. No designer is an island
  11. Device Parsing—There’s more than meets the eye in hardware design
  12. Which five films will you use to explain cinema to an alien?
  13. Bringing home the practical wisdom of Scandinavian design
  14. Design Thinking Journal—01
  15. The subtlety of being ritual helper
  16. Love as political technology to colonize sexuality; better life with less artificial technology
  17. We get the reality we pay for but life could be different: the light & dark of critical design
  18. The medium of time: designing for survival
  19. Hacking Gender
  20. “Cleverman”, “Putuparri and the Rainmakers”: retelling the ways of Australia’s First Peoples
  21. “The grounded material reality of relationships in Aboriginal Cultures
  22. “Voltage”—Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture SPRING-SUMMER 2013
  23. Tom Ward—Classical Guitarist Street Performance Par Excellence
  24. Anti-social personal device bubbles
  25. Web Colors
  26. Knowing what, knowing how
  27. Tracey Emin Artist Talk at the MCA
  28. Use Arduino, Sensors, Servos, and LEDs To Create Life-Like Behavior
  29. On the psychosocial dynamics of technological progress
  30. Perfection
  31. Bronte to Bondi
  32. OCK — a laxative to zeitgeist muffensausen
  33. Knights — flat white in shining customer amour
  34. Flâneur stop 1—Chippendale
  35. Mike Cannon-Brookes ⇨ the nous of a billionaire imposter ⇦
  36. Blood Apple
  37. Why The Blacklist is lit
  38. Bitcoin and creative destruction
  39. Don't be shit! BUPA
  40. Ads for Alternatives to Adani Hackathon
  41. Time is a stubborn illusion
  42. Werner Herzog—extreme professional
  43. Laura Hunter—the poisoned chalice of synesthesia
  44. The Consensus
  45. Asterion
  46. Digital Goods and Intellectual Property
  47. Peer-to-peer commons based approach to copyright