1. Applying the six foundational concepts of futures studies
  2. Love as political technology to colonize sexuality; better life with less artificial technology
  3. We get the reality we pay for but life could be different: the light & dark of critical design
  4. The medium of time: designing for survival
  5. Hacking Gender
  6. “Cleverman”, “Putuparri and the Rainmakers”: retelling the ways of Australia’s First Peoples
  7. “The grounded material reality of relationships in Aboriginal Cultures
  8. “Voltage”—Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture SPRING-SUMMER 2013
  9. Tom Ward—Classical Guitarist Street Performance Par Excellence
  10. Anti-social personal device bubbles
  11. Bronte Beach
  12. Knowing what, knowing how
  13. Tracey Emin Artist Talk at the MCA
  14. Use Arduino, Sensors, Servos, and LEDs To Create Life-Like Behavior
  15. On the psychosocial dynamics of technological progress
  16. Perfection
  17. Bronte to Bondi
  18. OCK — a laxative to zeitgeist muffensausen
  19. Knights — flat white in shining customer amour
  20. Flâneur stop 1—Chippendale
  21. Mike Cannon-Brookes ⇨ the nous of a billionaire imposter ⇦
  22. Blood Apple
  23. Why The Blacklist is lit
  24. Bitcoin and creative destruction
  25. Don't be shit! BUPA
  26. Ads for Alternatives to Adani Hackathon
  27. Time is a stubborn illusion
  28. Werner Herzog—extreme professional
  29. Laura Hunter—the poisoned chalice of synesthesia
  30. The Consensus
  31. Asterion
  32. Digital Goods and Intellectual Property
  33. Peer-to-peer commons based approach to copyright