How can your organisation survive increasing complexity? I'm here to help.

Context is everything

Dive deep into the problem before getting lost in the solution. There's nothing worse than realising at the end of a long project that you've got an elegant solution to the wrong problem. I can help you answer crucial questions like: (1) what problems are your customers trying to solve? (2) what do they want? and (3) what hidden architecture of belief underlie the way they see the world?

Connect the dots

We've come a long way with specialisation. It's now time to integrate. Not everything can be reduced to economics or politics. New ways of framing the problem from diverse points of view coming together can unlock possibilities never imagined before. With my experience in using creative intelligence & transdisciplinary innovation to solve complex problems, I can help you get there.

Build to learn

Ideas are good. But there's no substitute for building the thing itself. Insights from this process feed back into a deeper understanding of the problem. This virtuous cycle of design, build, and test is the way we deal with complexity that can never be fully defined. With my experience in product design, software development and digital fabrication, I can guide you along the way.

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Learn more Work with me