By Oliver Damian

Sins of the father: the first human-level artificial intelligence will inherit the flaws of its creator.

Back in 2011, I was developing concepts for a web series called The Consensus. I made this video as a sketch for one of the characters in the story world for the series. My idea was that the world's first human-level AI would be born from the Consensus— a dark net, enabled by Black Swan dollars— a crypto-currency. The smartest people would move to the Consensus because corporations using their influence on government captured the Internet, transforming it from what was once a free market of ideas into just another corporate enclave.

I find it interesting that since 2011 when I made this video sketch, there has been a lot of interest in both Bitcoin and the danger of AI. This has enlivened my desire to revisit and revive the development of this web series.

Asterion Character Sketch