Werner Herzog—extreme professional

By Oliver Damian

Shot through the gut, and you're to tape. You give professionals a badass name.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase: the show must go on from theatre and show business professionals. It means that unless it involves hospitalization or severe incapacity, actors will show up. They cannot let their fans down by not turning up simply because they didn't feel like acting that day.

Werner Herzog takes this professionalism to a whole new level. While filming a documentary interview, some loony shot Herzog in the gut with an air gun. Instead of panicking, Werner simply drove back, with the interviewer to his house. He then asked the interviewer to continue with the interview.

What he said floored me:

It doesn't surprise me to be shot at [...] I think bottom line is ahh... the poet must not avert his eyes. You have to take a bold look at what is your environment, what is around you. Even the ugliest things. Even the decadent things.

Werner Herzog gets shot