The Future of Work: Interviews with players

By Sophie Knoblanche, Ben Grossberg, and Oliver Damian

We have lived in a world where the process of work has been very similar for a number of years. People have been forced into paths of following motivations other than what they love and enjoy. Creativity-dampening motivations like the need to earn money, fear of trying something new or taking risks. We see a future where people can work and follow their passions at the same time. This would be mainly due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) replacing a large number of non-creative jobs. The result of this is a society encouraged to pursue creativity instead of mind-numbing work. This vision of the future where work has become play was influenced by our experience as ideation mentors at UTS Animal Logic Academy (ALA). We met students and industry professionals who were so passionate about what they do that the line separating work and play had all but disappeared.

Advancements in technology will see a shift in how the workforce operates. Many jobs will be taken over by AI. This is mainly driven by the desire of businesses to reduce costs and maximise efficiencies in their operating structures. Creativity would be one of the last areas to be conquered by AI and is therefore valued more as routine workers are displaced by AI. We see a future flourishing with creativity, similar to the Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance. Another analogue in the 20th century would be the Bauhaus art school where creativity and industrial manufacturing reinforced each other—a reimagining of the Medieval crafts guild. We explored the idea of reimagining what the arts and crafts guild of the 21st century would look like. We looked at how spaces, organisations, and interactions can foster people with similar professions and skills work together and learn from each other. We saw ALA as a prototype of a 21st century guild, where students act as apprentices so that they can learn the skills and methods of the animation industry in order to qualify to work in it and push at the edges of what's possible.

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