“Voltage”—Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture SPRING-SUMMER 2013

By Oliver Damian

Iris Van Herpen is my one of fave designers. To me, she manages to mix beauty, tech, and deep ideas of the future into the intricate materiality of the garments she makes. The garments look alive yet with an artifice reminiscent of the Technological Singularity. If I ever make a TV series set in the future (The Consensus for example) I would want Iris to design the clothes in the storyworld.

The opening of “Voltage” below is reminiscent of Nikola Tesla's work on high–voltage, low–current, high–frequency alternating current electricity in resonant transformer circuits now known as Tesla coils. Because electricity has now become a utility one just plugs into, we seem to forget how magical it is. I feel there's still more to discover about this phenomenon of electromagnetism. More things to bring us fear and awe.

“Voltage”——Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture SPRING-SUMMER 2013